May 25, 2007

Why Yes, I am the center of the universe.

Why do you ask?

I test drove this today. I'm in love. Or lust. Somehow I can't find a way to justify the purchase but I brought a lot of pictures home with me. If I try hard enough I expect I'll fiture out a way to invent some elaborate justification.

It is sooooo much fun.


Kimmah said...

1. eco friendly surely.
2. you'll look smashing whilst riding it and that is akin to doing something for your fellow man.
3. the salesperson will make a commission and be able to feed his or her family.
4. you'll save money on gas and then you can donate the money to a good cause or support yarn producers.

should i go on?

Sasha said...

Please do :)

Kimmah said...

5. baby jesus loves the vespas.
6. riding a vespa is actually a form of exercise because you have to lean when you ride one.
7. small children will be influenced by seeing cool people ride eco-friendly vehicles and this could lead to a change in the mindset of an entire generation.
8. i'm sure that ncc thinks that only pansies ride vespas, so every time you rode, you could be giving a subtle screw you to him.

Lisa McMann said...

Did you buy it yet?

Sasha said...

Great job Kimmah!!!

And I'm going to try a few other brands first.