January 20, 2003


On March 20, 2003 I began a little blog called Sasha Undercover. Over the past nearly four years (Wow!) it received a moderate amount of traffic and some kind words like these

"a fun and bright poli-read"
Ruminate This
and this
"a damn smart chick who's on the right side
of things"
Have Fun, Go Mad
and most of all this
"HA!!!!! We're all gonna die"
. . . Anonymous

In that time blogtopia (coined by Skippy!)has gone from a neighborhoody place to one populated by multi-owner mega-blogs. I am not inclined toward a mega-blog. And I'm having trouble sticking to the purely political format I tried to maintain on SU.

This, then, is my effort to combine what has become a gaggle of single-purpose blogs. The politics stays. Indeed it is a large chunk of what interests me, so in that sense you could say that I rolled SashaUndercover over into this place. But you will also find recipes, knitting, shout-outs, and other things that interest me. This will be more like my home.

Please pull up a computer screen and stay, regardless of how you got here. You are most welcome.