February 17, 2007

The Rumors Of

the death of Leni Riefenstahl were greatly exagerated. Apparently she is alive and well and working for John McCain's campaign. Check out the video on the front page. It is astonishing.

I still wonder, given the last election, what made him dive so far to the right. John at AmericaBlog reports that he is missing today's Senate votes because he is giving a lecture on "don't do it until you are married" to some youths. He is either desperately whacky or figures that with enough fear we will all bow toward him, trembling. Or he is betting on another serious attack that will cause us all to lose our brains again.

Hattip to Ezra.


gothmog said...

The "Reagan Tribute" video is frightening, and not just because of its title. I can't believe that anyone would admit in a potential campaign commercial to have been greatly influenced by Barry Goldwater.

And saying that Reagan had a lot in common with FDR--right after the clip of Reagan saying "government doesn't solve problems, it IS the problem"--made me vomit. He must be assuming that people have really, really short-term memory.

Sasha said...

Totally agreed. There is a whole lot scary on that page, including the fact that he talks to me every time I mouse-over something. Does he think his constituency can't read or is he the Dear Leader who must be everywhere?

Creepy, no?