February 15, 2007

About This Blog and Its Title

This place just appeared from nowhere. You who visited me at SashaUndercover have been directed here. The same is true of some of my other sites. My knitting and fiber blog, Practice Makes, hasn't been rolled over yet but new content will end up here. So here's a brief explanation. I will keep a link to it on the sidebar.

On March 20, 2003 I began a little blog called Sasha Undercover. Over the past nearly four years (Wow!) it received a moderate amount of traffic and some kind words like these

"a fun and bright poli-read"
Ruminate This
and this
"a damn smart chick who's on the right side
of things"
Have Fun, Go Mad
and most of all this
"HA!!!!! We're all gonna die"
. . . Anonymous

In that time blogtopia (coined by Skippy!)has gone from a neighborhoody place to one populated by multi-owner mega-blogs. I am not inclined toward a mega-blog. And I'm having trouble sticking to the purely political format I tried to maintain on SU.

This, then, is my effort to combine what has become a gaggle of single-purpose blogs. The politics stays. Indeed it is a large chunk of what interests me, so in that sense you could say that I rolled SashaUndercover over into this place. But you will also find recipes, knitting, shout-outs, and other things that interest me. This will be more like my home.

Please pull up a computer screen and stay, regardless of how you got here. You are most welcome.


Jolene said...

Over the past nearly four years (Wow!)

Heh, wow indeed. And that second quote there looks like she knows what she's talking about. Some of the time, anyway.

Kimmah said...

time does fly

Sasha said...

I was totally amazed when I checked the first post. No wonder it makes me tired sometimes. And that second one? Knows even though she likes to whimsically change the name of her blog.