February 25, 2007

Git Yer Kulchur Right Here

More Americana. I couldn't let you live in ignorance.

This item is described as

"Melon Scented Underwear Thong, Pink with Yellow Band. Melon scented underwear utilizes a new technology that weaves the same material from a drier sheet into the underwear fabric, creating a powder fresh scent that lasts for up to fifteen washes."

So for you women, and especially you men, who have been secretly longing for a coochie scented of melon, here's your chance. And. They are on sale at drugstore.com


Kimmah said...

So do you toss them out after the 16th wear or what?

Lisa McMann said...

That makes me itch just thinking about it.

Buggy said...

why melon?

Jolene said...

Gah. Yuck. I have to use unscented detergent/fabric softener because the scented stuff makes me gag. Though I guess I, the wearer, wouldn't be the one the scent of these undergarments would be directed at. But still.