February 25, 2007

An Educational Post

Apparently one of my faithful readers, Miss Kimmah, has never seen the aforementioned decorative testicles hanging behind a vehicle. She clearly lives in a better neighborhood than I do. So in the interest of greater clarity, I give you Truck with Testicles.

Just so you know, they come in a smaller size for motorcycle users and in a wide range of colors including chrome, camouflage, "flesh," and black. Here they are in a lovely shade of blue which I suspect is supposed to make a statement, but perhaps I give the users too much credit.

Yes, yes, you're welcome. We try to keep our readers fully informed.


Buggy said...

I'd never seen them either, and I actually live in Texas.
Maybe because it's so obviously stereotypicaly redneck, it's avoided. Or maybe it's because we have real bulls, with real bull testicles walking about, making the truck testicles redundant.

I thank you for enlightening me though.

( for the record, just yesterday I saw some mudflaps with the nekid ladies on them)

Kimmah said...

How bizarre that they are blue balls. Hmmmm.

I feel much more educated now.

Jolene said...

I have not seen them either. That's just...weird. And really, what is the message? "I just LOVE balls!" "I am compensating because I have no balls!" Something like those, probably.

Puffy said...

I've never seen them before either. Ditto with the melon panties.

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