October 23, 2007

Drama Queen

Honestly, does he never quit?

It's like he's trying to get his Mom's attention and she is busy and sick of his mewling ass and just wants to get her stuff done and he drones on and on about a spider tried to bite him and she tells him to shake it off and then it was a cat that jumped out of a tree and nearly landed on him and she is getting more and more exasperated and then there was a pitt bull that almost bit his ass and she offers to smack his ass if he doesn't knock it off and he goes outside but comes right back in because now there are damn aliens who want to put him on the space ship and put their instruments all over his pee pee and she knows she's going to kill him so she locks herself in the bathroom, takes a swig out of the vodka bottle she keeps in the toilet tank and sits on the edge of the bathtub with her head in her hands.

No Mama, come out Mama! We need a missile shield in Europe. It is urgent to keep Iran from sending their missiles to the United States! Really! Iran is going to start World War III and we really need to stop them!

Chicken Little spoke at the National Defense University today.

"The need for missile defense in Europe is real, and I believe it's urgent," Bush said. "Iran is pursuing the technology that could be used to produce nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles of increasing range that could deliver them."

He said it could all be happening by 2015.


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