September 4, 2007

Today I Went To The Supermarket

I was helping a very elderly woman who couldn't reach the top shelf of the "clearance products" aisle. (Those of you who know me irl -- I'll wait for your fits of laughter to stop. The others? I'm not exactly the tallest person in the universe so the notion of me helping somebody reach the top shelf presents an amusing picture.)

So we were chatting about the products that were being 'discontinued' since one of them was Jell-o grape flavor. She, out of the blue, became enraged and started on a rant about how it is because of THEM. I was taken aback and stupidly asked who THEY are. And she pointed to a woman with cafe au lait colored skin and shouted "THEM." She narrowed her eyes, stared at me, and said firmly "It is so they can take up space with Goya."

Oh shit. So the grape Jell-o demise is the fault of the illegal immigrants. It isn't because there are fewer little kids or they changed the package or grape tastes terrible. Shit shit shit shit. I hate this divisive stuff soooooo much.

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