September 27, 2007

Sasha Goes To Home Depot

Sasha: Where can I find screen, like screen door stuff?
Orange Person: It is down this aisle. What do you want it for? A window or door?
Sasha: Is it aluminum or fiber glass or ... I'll just look down here.
Orange Person: I can help you. Is it outside in the weather?
Sasha: No, I'm not using it in a door or window.
Orange Person, puzzled: What are you using it for?
Sasha, resigned to a forced conversation: Well, if you really want to know I am going to make a wall hanging to hold my earrings. I thought I would put the screen inside a frame and ...
Orange Person, animated and smiling: Are you a hippy?
Sasha, slowly: Well I guess maybe I am.
Orange Person, more animated: Do you make earrings?
Sasha, laughing: As a matter of fact I do sometimes.
Orange Person, gleeful: My mother is a hippy! She was at Woodstock!

Now I'll go and have a nice little lie-down because apparently I am the oldest hippy on the face of the earth and need my rest. Meanwhile watch Ritchie Havens and notice that people used to get together for reasons other than making money or fighting terists.


Lisa McMann said...


Landru said...

And it usually takes people so long to get to know you.

Buggy said...

Someone tried to help you at the Home Depot??

Drum circle clean up on aisle 8 please!

Sasha said...

Wow Buggy! You're not dead. Cool.