June 23, 2007

Rahm Emmanuel

Over time I have developed a lot of animosity toward Rep. Emmanuel (D-Ill) largely due to his arrogance, bullying tactics toward members of his own party, and other qualities that I generally associate with stature-challenged men. Today I salute him

As you may recall, there was a great deal of news this week about Herr Cheney's argument that the Office of the Vice President is not part of the executive branch of government. The Raw Story explains thusly:

The Office of Vice President Dick Cheney told an agency within the National Archives that for purposes of securing classified information, the Vice President's office is not an 'entity within the executive branch' according to a letter released Thursday by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"The Oversight Committee has learned that over the objections of the National Archives, you exempted the Office of the Vice President from the presidential executive order that establishes a uniform, government-wide system for safeguarding classified national security information," Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the Committee's chairman, wrote in a letter to Cheney. "Your decision to exempt your office from the President's order is problematic because it could place national security secrets at risk. It is also hard to understand given the history of security breaches involving officials in your office."

According to Atrios
Rahm Emanuel issued the following statement regarding his amendment to cut funding for the Office of the Vice President from the bill that funds the
executive branch ... "The Vice President has a choice to make. If he believes his legal case, his office has no business being funded as part of the executive branch. However, if he demands executive branch funding he cannot ignore executive branch rules. At the very least, the Vice President
should be consistent. This amendment will ensure that the Vice President's funding is consistent with his legal arguments. I have worked closely with my colleagues on this amendment and will continue to pursue this measure in the coming days."

Good for him. Actions have consequences. If Mr. Cheney's office isn't part of the executive branch he'll have to find a new funding sourch.


Kimmah said...

i love it!! maybe dicky can have a few fundraisers like i'm going to have to do if i ever want new textbooks.

Sasha said...

I love it too. I'm just sorry it hasn't gotten more press.

Jolene said...

I really hope they go through with this, and I would love to see his reaction. His arrogance really is astounding.