June 25, 2007

Karl Rove, Please accept my apology

For more than six years I have thought really terrible thoughts about you. I gave you credit for many evil plots, for planting ideas in Our President's erstwhile brain, for persisting in dreams of a glorious takeover of our government.

I was wrong. Yes, I gave you too much credit.

I know you are having trouble dealing with my change of heart so calm yourself down. Gaze upon a happy family in better times. Gaze upon a man with his lovely child on a carousel.
Because now I have to show you what that man has become. I have to implore you to read the extended attention The Washington Post is giving him.

Honestly until today I thought he was an evil motherfucker, a bad bad man who tried to influence Our President, who unduly influenced Mr. Rumsfeld, and who had insane visions of tzardom. Until I read today's installment, the second in a four part series, I had no idea how much he had actually subverted not only any semblance of a democratic process but had just kicked the shit out of everybody who got in his way including The Hallowed Dr. Rice. Seriously you must read this.

Part I: A Different Understanding With The President
Part II:
Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power

There are two more parts to come. This one is totally worth the read.

All photos from Draft Dick Cheney

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