March 15, 2007

My Favorite Sport, Schadenfreude

Yes, two joyous posts today. No photos this time for which, I'm sure, you'll be grateful. From Shenanigan's Blog on Politico a little local gossip:

today on the Hill, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) was seen making a spectacle of herself when the unlucky lawmaker slipped and fell in what we’re told was vomit, in a bathroom in Cannon. (Some nice female dealing with the repercussions of Jason Roe’s going away party by chance?) “She made THE biggest scene in the hallway,” says a staffer who escaped the, um, regurgitation. “It’s literally all down her back.”


gothmog said...

Which I suppose is only fitting, considering she makes us vomit.

Landru said...

Fortunately, she was wearing the skin of a former Guantanamo internee, so cleanup was a snap.