March 5, 2007

For Your Entertainment

What kind of extremist are you?
Your Result: Rational Person

You consider these questions obvious straw men, designed to distract people from a meaningful investigation of facts and a serious discussion of relevant political issues. How boring.

Moderate Extremist
Right-Wing Extremist
Left-Wing Extremist
What kind of extremist are you?

Via Avedon Carol


Kimmah said...

I find it quite entertaining that according to this test, I am more left-wing than you are. Me--the chick who voted republican in four presidential races.

Sasha said...

I find it amusing too. Not to mention incorrect.

Lisa McMann said...

Does this work in the comments? (well, no Lisa, it doesn't). Probably not...but I'm guessing I'm with Kimmah. Rational, however...I don't know about her. ;-)

Maybe it has something to do with being screwed and that whole wool over the eyes thing...