March 26, 2007

Food Update: Celebrity Cooks I Loathe

I am terribly sorry but I have been lax not bringing this to you in a timely manner. Mr. Sun gives us a Post I Wish I Had Written entitled The case for offing Rachael Ray described by Mr. Sun as "the hoof-mouthed culinary she-devil from Hades -- the sous-Satan from Hell's Kitchen." Personally I believe he was too kind.

If you read his piece the thing that seems to have driven him over the top is her shilling for Triscuit cracker recipes. Seems as how he was able to put cheese on a cracker without her help. Personally I cut her a little slack because the race for the remote whenever I spot her visage on the TV gives me a little exercise. Beyond that she is a booth babe, plain and simple, and nothing more. Well maybe a little more. She seems to be finding an audience.


Lisa McMann said...

Oh, fer HECK!

(is it coincidence that the baby looks exactly like one of my offspring when she was a baby??)

A few weeks ago, there was a "Best-of Rachel Ray" where some of her very early $40 a day shows re-ran. Her voice was not NEARLY so annoying back then. I couldn't believe the difference between then and now. She needs to get her adenoids checked.

Landru said...

Whoa. Y'know, I might could actually hit that, as a brunette. Thanks, Sasha!

Kimmah said...

Sweet Elvis, one could fit an entire Triscuit box into her mouth with room to spare.