February 4, 2007

One of the Problems With Blogs

is one of their strengths. They pick up links and repeat them across the spectrum of readers. This allows information to be spread near and far, to corners that only have a weekly newspaper that shows the wreck of the week on the front page. Information and even facts are really accessible.

People have come to view blogs as personal publishing devices, the modern-day equivalent of a private printing press. But the ubiquity of the blog denies the power of the printing press to any single blog.

I have a notion that original thought might be published on blogs but that any worthwhile thoughts are likely to be swallowed up in the vast swamp of mediocrity. I don't know a good way through the jungle today, but I hope that most of the vanity blogs go to myspace. It would be wonderful if somebody started a meta-blog linking to actual thoughts, but I am not optimistic.

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Kimmah said...

I find it really disturbing that there are whole networks of crappy blogs discussing how one can make money/a living by blogging. It's become some sort of weird multi-level marketing scheme. They pile on links and technorati tags and blog about how to blog or what blogging is. *boggle*

I gave up blogging about "real" topics, for the most part, because there are folks that do it far better than I. It's hard to separate the wheat from the chaf these days.