February 26, 2007

It's A Busy Day For Drag

Yes, what you can see now is the top of The Donald's head. You must click. And be patient.


gothmog said...

Wow. Just wow.

And to think, some people flipped their lids at the indecorous candidate Clinton playing his sax on MTV.

Sasha said...

Don't you want the radical right supporting Rudy?

Landru said...

Fuck it. Scalp him. Remember the Pandagon!

gothmog said...

I love the alliteration in "radical" "right" and "Rudy." It begs for the tongue to be rolled. And I don't think that's code.

They can support whomever they please, as long as a) s/he doesn't win, and b) there's great potential for comedy involved.