February 2, 2007


I have added a set of labels to my blogroll. Before those of you who struggle with such details get to wondering about the order of things, it is alphabetical. You see my label "Links" is representative of directory pages. The first letter is uppercase because I wanted it to come first. It didn't work. Posts that represent my internet trolling with commentary are called "linkaaj."

Ok, it's just the way I think. Deal.


Jolene said...

You've confused me. But that's okay. It happens a lot (that I get confused a lot, generally; not that I get confused by you a lot).

I just want to know how you got that list of labels over there with the numbers next to it. I was thinking of adding a manual list, but it seems like a lot more work than if it could be done automatically.

Sasha said...

You wanna tell me what was confusing or let it be?

Ok, are you using The New Improved Blooger with Categories? If not, convert and then let me know. I'll tell you the rest.

Jolene said...

I just emailed you. I'm using the new blogger, but an old template, which you have to upgrade (which will lose any customizations you've made, of which I've made many). I think that's the problem.

Heh, and I guess I was just confused about all the explanations of the sidebar - kind of, like it seems like a more complicated explanation than I needed. If that makes any sense.