January 6, 2007


Yeah, new age crap. But it isn't. It's old age crap. And all it really means is paying attention to what you are doing right now instead of focusing on the past or future or something else. I'm working on it.

In that vein, much as I'd love to stay and chat, I may have a line on a new yoga class that is reasonably nearby and works for me logistically. So I'm going to hunt it down. I am told it is taught by an aging hippie. I know this because I asked if it was taught by one of those narcissistic young folk who only do things so you'll tell them how fabulous they are. As you might imagine, I'm not to patient with them.

I'm off to quest now.


Lisa McMann said...

Did you complete your quest yet?

Sasha said...

I may have. I just talked to a lovely woman who wants me to come to her class free to see if I like it. I'm going to gather my stuff now -- mat, mat bag, who knows what else -- and stash it in my car. I'll see if I can get there after work tomorrow and see how it goes.

Wheee !!!

Lisa McMann said...

sounds like a good operation.

You need a Matt to stash in your car too?

Sasha said...

Badly. You have a spare one?

Lisa McMann said...

sadly, no.

Not today anyway. Some days, maybe.

Lisa McMann said...


I think our little South Park characters are so cute, I can hardly stand us.

But yours would totally beat the crap out of mine.

Sasha said...

Well, duh. You expect your char to get buff while she's sitting around reading?