January 29, 2007


Where I've been instead of writing something profound for you:

  • The appropriate response to the death of Barbara at Deadspin. If you are a sportsy type, scroll down for the photoshopped Jackie Kennedy on Air Force One photo.

  • A newish on-line political magazine, The Politico has job listings and wants you to write editorials.

  • For my crafty fans, knitted food with instructions including the chicken viking hat in the attached picture.. How brave are you?

  • It looks like Air America has been yanked kicking and screaming from the brink of death. And that Al Franken will be running from the Senate, if you had any doubt.

  • If it is a slow time for you, or if your political junkiness exceeds your time management skills, go to Fire Dog Lake where they are doing a terrific job of bringing you All The Libby Trial News All The Time. This is a serious public service for which they deserve support and praise.

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