January 26, 2007

A Confession from The Lazy Cook

Buy the pork loin, boneless, fatless, well trimmed, when it on sale for $1.99 a pound instead of the usual $5.99 a pound. Buy a couple and freeze them.

I'll let you do whatever you do, set the oven to like 425, cook it until it is 15-20 minutes before done. Then baste it with your favorite glaze. Oh yeah, this is the confession part.

So for your Apricot Herb Glaze you take one container of Gerber apricots with mixed fruit. Dump it into a bowl. No preservatives, no funky stuff, just puree. Add to that freshly ground black pepper to taste, a pinch of salt, and about 1/4 tsp. of McCormick Greek herbs. (Yes, they've mixed it for you. Oregano, rosemary, mint, garlic powder, and who knows what.) Mix.

Smear it on the close-to-done pork. You may use a spoon, spatula or a 1" paint brush from Sears, like I do. Throw the container in the trash so your guests never know. Enjoy!


Lisa McMann said...


Is there sugar in the Gerber apricots thingy? (Please say yes)

Or does the natural fructose do the trick?

P.S. I toured the Gerber factory (Fremont, Michigan) when I was six. That was before they closed it to the public after that whole 'shattered glass in the food' disaster. I got to wear a hairnet.

(and I'm serious -- these word verifications are getting way difficult to read)

Sasha said...

There is no sugar. But I'll bet you can reach the sugar bowl from where you'll be standing to mix it. Sweeten to taste. This is the lazy recipe, remember?

I'm just sorry we don't have a snapshot of you in that hairnet.

Puffy said...


I have an apricot tree so I make a puree from the fresh apricots and use it on chicken. Yours sounds yummy.

Sasha said...

Piggies are very tasty.