January 18, 2007

Bill Moyers on the Media

Bill Moyers, the most sensible man I know, spoke last Friday at the opening of the National Conference on Media Reform.

"As ownership gets more and more concentrated, fewer and fewer independent sources of information have survived in the marketplace; and those few significant alternatives that do survive, such as PBS and NPR, are under growing financial and political pressure to reduce critical news content and to shift their focus in a mainstream direction, which means being more attentive to establishment views than to the bleak realities of powerlessness that shape the lives of ordinary people."

Here's the transcript or you can listen to his remarks.


Lisa McMann said...

I heard Moyers is coming back to PBS for a weekly gig...did you hear this?

Sasha said...

No but I hope it is true. Everytime PBS calls me for money I tell them they won't see a bloody red cent from me until Moyers is on my TV regularly. They hate that.